Golf Management Software

With over 30 years of industry experience, we are confident that Active Network, Golf’s golf management software is the best golf software out there. Here's why:

What is Active Network, Golf's Golf Management Software?

Active Network, Golf's golf management software is integrated golf solutions designed to streamline operations, improve customer service levels, while enhancing financial control, oversight and accountability. Active's software is simple to operate, yet offers powerful functionality and scalability for multi-course facilities and management companies.

Active Network, Golf's golf management software includes integrated tee sheet reservations software, online tee time reservations capabilities, point-of-sale software with inventory management and payment processing, accounting software and interfaces, food and beverage point-of-sale software, event and tournament management systems and marketing solutions, such as an integrated loyalty program and gift certificate functionality.

Our golf management software line, which includes GEN, Jencess Technologies and Fairway Systems, brings over 30 years of experience together to provide a complete solution for all business needs.

Golf Course Management Software

“Absolutely, I would recommend [Active]! ... – on a multi-course level – you can consolidate locations into a single product. Ease of use needs to be mentioned as well, especially for the stand-alone operators.”

Art Walton
General Manager, Crystal Springs Resort

Who uses Active Network, Golf?

Over 1,000 golf courses and facilities have benefited from using Active Network, Golf to streamline operations, increase management oversight and maximize rounds sold. Learn how your golf operation can benefit from our golf management software solutions

How can ActiveGolf help your course?

  • User-friendly touch screen tee sheet reservations software
  • Customer/membership management with a powerful CRM system
  • Integrated golf point-of-sale software
  • Flexible and powerful rate management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Events and outings management
  • Online tee time reservations software for course-branded websites
  • Active's golf management software is easy-to-use and implement
  • Integrated rain checks and gift certificates with simple tracking and redemption
  • Complete point of sale system and inventory management with receiving, reconciliation and comprehensive reporting
  • High speed credit card processing
  • Loyalty programs with a flexible awards/points system


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