The Affiliate Program is an ideal opportunity for you to increase revenue for your business. From simple text links and banner ads to our API feed, you decide the participation level that’s right for you. Becoming an affiliate is simple. Sign up, load the banner, links or other elements you want onto your company website. Your business will earn money on every round sold from a visit that comes from your website.

How it Works

Earn Commissions On Every Round Sold

How Do I Make Money?’s Affiliate program provides you with a commission for driving tee time sales on Simply add content on your site either through a text link, online ad, and/or API and get paid for every round booked on our site. Each time a user makes a transaction from a link on your site you’ll receive a referral commission. As an affiliate you’ll have real time reports showing you the number of transactions originating from your site - plus, we’ll provide you with direct deposit, so you’ll get paid automatically each month.

What is a Qualified Transaction?

A qualified transaction is any confirmed purchase that occurs from an affiliate’s website to You’ll receive payment for being the originating source of the customer, even if an actual transaction does not happen until 10 days later.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

Simply, choose the campaign you’d like to run and review the commission tied to each campaign. Active has a competitive payout model that aims to meet industry average per transaction. Our average commission payout averages $1.50 per round (average 2 rounds per booking).

Customizable Content

You Choose How to Add Tee Times to Your Site

Banner Ads

Active will provide you with banner advertisements that complement your website and add value to your visitor experience. We offer a wide selection of banner advertisements to choose from. Engage your visitors with eye-catching banner ads that encourage tee time sign ups and earn extra revenue from every round sold. Our banner ads follow industry standard sizing with strong calls to action to find and book tee times at their favorite golf courses.


The API caters to affiliates with more sophisticated development knowledge. Pulling our golf course directory and tee time information using the API allows affiliates to fully customize the integration and uniquely display our golf tee time offering directly on your website. To learn more about our API (Application Programming Interface) and whether or not this is the right solution for your business, contact us to learn more.


  • 50+ Major DMAs (U.S. & Canada)
  • 1,500+ Golf Courses (U.S. & Canada)
  • Opt-In, Database of Golfers Across North America
  • Owned by Active Network, Inc.
  • ESPN Investor/Strategic Partner
  • 25% Rev Growth in 2010